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Well, despite the snow today, Daisy (our canine family member) & I are impatiently waiting for the warmer weather and everything to get green again here at The Larimore. We've made use of the time by putting new floors in the Historic Barn Reception Area and accomplished a ton of the countless maintenance items that are required to keep buildings built in the 1850's looking fantastic for our brides. Since the start of the New Year, we've been downtown for The Big Bridal Show and have had two ShowCase Events here at The Larimore and its been fun to become friends with more couples and help them start planning for their Special Day!

We did get a little impulsive this Engagement/Valentine season and we made a short term Flash Sale that offers a Huge Savings in our already great pricing...just to help convince some couples that Now is the best time to reserve their Favorite Venue....while there are still great dates and times available. (But that will not last for long)

For those who just got engaged within the last few days...enjoy this special time, start thinking...


Wedding Couples Top 10 Mistakes/Regrets with Wedding and Reception Planning

1) Picking a specific wedding date before finding your favorite venue.

Don't rule out the best venues in town just because your first wedding date choice was already taken.......Instead, find your favorite venue First, and then be flexible with the available dates!

2) Not picking your venue/date soon enough.

Sure, you should make a shortlist of your favorite venues and visit them....but don't let that decision-making take months. You are competing with thousands of St. Louis brides for limited weekend dates of relatively few nice venues. If its even close to your budget, get your date held and move on with the rest of the planning!

3) Using separate venues for ceremony and reception (when you don't have to).

If the convenience of your guests is important to you, they will love NOT having 3 plus hours of dead time between ceremony and reception and all the extra travel required with having separate venues. And certainly, don't settle for a hastily created ceremony area in a corner of a banquet room, hallway or'll just be disappointed.

4) Picking a venue close by instead of something unusual or different.

Be willing to get out of your normal neighborhood a little and find something different. Your guests won't mind driving a little bit to see a place possibly new to them. Go visit places that interest you, don't just assume you won't like a certain part of town.

5) Not picking an outdoor ceremony location that has a backup wedding chapel.

OK, so lots of brides want a beautiful outdoor wedding but what is their biggest worry? Sure, it's Rain! Having a tent set up just in case it rains is very expensive and usually cost-prohibitive. Find a venue that has a charming rainy day backup area that is included with your rental (preferably a chapel) and you won't be disappointed on the wedding day.

6) Overestimating your guest count.

Most wedding guest lists are in the 100-250 people range and going over this number tends to make your reception expensive. A guest over 250 will severely limit your venue choices. Keep in mind that about 20% of the invited guests will not be able to attend.

7) Picking a venue that requires traveling somewhere else for scenic photo backgrounds.

Traveling after your ceremony and before your reception with the whole bridal party can be a logistical do yourself a big favor and just find a ceremony location with lots of picture spot locations that don't require travel.

8) Not having a wedding coordinator experienced with the venue of your choice.

You might benefit from a friend or bridesmaid who wants to be your personal assistant on the wedding day but don't confuse that role with the absolute necessity of a wedding coordinator very familiar with you and your venue. She needs to meet with you before the wedding, manage your rehearsal, and coordinate your whole wedding and reception. If the wedding coordinator is included with your package.....Bonus for you!

9) Not choosing a venue with lighted, on-site parking.

Again, consider your guests for this important feature that can greatly affect convenience and safety. Guests having the hassle of a shuttle, off-site parking, street parking or the concern for personal or vehicle safety are all factors to consider.

10) Not going with an all-inclusive wedding venue.

Couples can become overwhelmed spending countless hours trying to find services and Vendors for their Special day. With all-inclusive event space, these services have already be found for you and often at a discount.

Wow! may say.....that's a lot to consider when searching all over town for a venue that addresses All these concerns. I have Great News for you!! There is a little known venue in this area that actually designed their whole Wedding and Reception Venue to satisfactorily address All of these Wedding Day issues. Just a short drive from anywhere in the St. Louis Metro area is an easily accessed but still relatively unknown venue that has made brides who have found it over the last 20 years.....immensely pleased! The Larimore and its historic buildings was built over 160 years ago and the current owners saved it after years of neglect and brought it back to its Victorian-era Elegance and Romantic charm. Specializing in Garden or Chapel Weddings and Elegant Receptions for up to 250 guests, The Larimore has all the amenities that today's bride demands. And yes......with lower-priced options......Any Bride with even a modest budget can afford to host their very special day at this fantastic venue. So do yourself a HUGE favor, go ahead and visit a couple of popular venues in town First and then schedule a time to meet with Dena the Wedding Coordinator, and tour this beautiful property.....we're confident that this special place will quickly move to the Top of your list!

Don't Bust Your Budget!! 10 Money Saving Wedding Tips

Money-Saving Wedding Tips

1) Choose a Venue that you don't have to decorate extensively. If the venue already has neutral decorations &/or architectural charm...less work for you!

2) Choose to have your wedding during Off-Peak season which is often during the months of November through April. Often this time of the year is discounted due to less demand.

3) Choose a non-Saturday evening. Often Fridays and Sunday afternoons are heavily discounted.

4) Choose blooms that are 'in season' for your bouquets and centerpieces. A capable florist can help you with these decisions.

5) Choose to have a Garden Wedding with natural flowers and beautiful landscaping to avoid having to create decorations.

6) Choosing to have your wedding and reception in ONE location will save on expenses, hassles, and time for both you And your guests!

7)Choose a DJ instead of a band. This will save you about half. (Nothing against bands! )

8) Choose a venue with an indoor backup already in place when planning an outdoor event. This saves on the Huge expense of having to rent a tent to have on Stand-by.

9) Choose a smaller wedding party &/or guest list. This will mean fewer expenses for dining, clothing, gifts, transportation, flowers, & hotel accommodations. (Remember that most venues have minimums, but even shaving 10 guests off your list could offer significant savings that you could use for something else on your wedding day)

10) Choose to make a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests instead of buying favors. (Put little notes to this effect on each table)