Don’t Bust Your Budget!! 10 Money-Saving Wedding Tips

Money-Saving Wedding Tips

1) Choose a Venue that you don’t have to decorate extensively. If the venue already has neutral decorations &/or architectural charm…less work for you!

2) Choose to have your wedding during the Off-Peak season which is often during the months of November through April. Often this time of the year is discounted due to less demand.

3) Choose a non-Saturday evening. Often Fridays and Sunday afternoons are heavily discounted.

4) Choose blooms that are ‘in season’ for your bouquets and centerpieces. A capable florist can help you with these decisions.

5) Choose to have a Garden Wedding with natural flowers and beautiful landscaping to avoid having to create decorations.

6) Choosing to have your wedding and reception in ONE location will save on expenses, hassles, and time for both you And your guests!

7)Choose a DJ instead of a band. This will save you about half. (Nothing against bands! )

8) Choose a venue with an indoor backup already in place when planning an outdoor event. This saves on the Huge expense of having to rent a tent to have on Stand-by.

9) Choose a smaller wedding party &/or guest list. This will mean fewer expenses for dining, clothing, gifts, transportation, flowers, & hotel accommodations. (Remember that most venues have minimums, but even shaving 10 guests off your list could offer significant savings that you could use for something else on your wedding day)

10) Choose to make a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests instead of buying favors. (Put little notes to this effect on each table)